Private Solutions Service

We commit to provide personal and shared wealth management and exclusive family asset management to reach your expected target and let your asset transfer to your next generations.

As a pivot in your family and business circle, it is essential for you to make detailed financial planning and wealth management plan. Long-term financial plan may accelerate your success towards objectives in different stages of your life, including capital appreciation, education fund reserve, retirement fund reserve, real estate investment, immigration, asset continuity and etc.

As your cooperative partner, we can generate profits and spread risk for you through diversified asset allocation tools such as global stock, insurance, real estate and etc.

Cross-border asset allocation-capital appreciation

•      In global sight of investment appreciation, we share the information about investment income of different asset categories from different countries or regions and help you realize your asset accretion.

•      Under different investment conditions and polices, we deliver global investment financial products to assist you seize more investment opportunities.

•      Make good use of risk spreading system

Enterprises overseas development

With establishing an offshore company, it is convenient to run transnational business and improve enterprise image on the world stage. In addition to tax avoidance and foreign exchange control elimination, overseas company can also be used as a global or regional asset allocation tool to achieve risk spreading purpose.  Combined with private trust, it is helpful for clients to reduce the estate tax and increase personal assets value.

Employee Benefit Policy

In addition to the statutory employee benefit, we provide personal supplementary benefit plan to cater to different enterprise development needs. This benefit plan can help improve employee morale, attract talented people, decrease the rate of staff resignation and increase enterprise cohesion. We focus on making profit for you through different asset allocation methods.

For high-quality life

Overseas Study - A comprehensive study plan helps children choose suitable study directions. Studying overseas helps children understand cultural differences, provides psychological guidance to make them accustom to local lifestyle and assist them to handle emergency situations such as medical treatment.

Overseas Property

  • The ownership of land
  • Housing price tendency
  • Tax cost
  • Exchange rate and political risk

A convenient, fast and first-rate service for your family

High-end medical treatment which is for high-net-worth individuals breaks through the national health limitation (country, medication, etc.).  Medical expenses can be paid directly with comprehensive coverage (generally includes outpatient, hospitalization, illness, dental, birth, physical examination, etc.).

Family Trust

Problems arises from handing over of wealth and power and distribution of wealth and business between two generations can be solved by trust establishment:

  • Take care of family's health care, life and education needs
  • Retirement plan and savings arrangement
  • Transfer of personal property ownership to minimize exposure of your own property
  • Split legal income
  • Avoid unnecessary disputes
  • Debt risk caused by personal investment loss may affect family life.
  • Inheritance of property by the next generation
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