Family Office Services

While entrepreneurs or High-Net-Worth individuals are normally very good at what they do, they might not be experienced, knowledgeable or be spending enough time on managing their wealth.  This could be even worse when they have a big family which disputes may arise anytime.  Here we offer customized services in serving these families.  No matter it is wealth distribution, harmony between family members or other legal or tax issues, there is a solution!

Every family is unique and so as their requirements and concerns.  We believe only tailor-made solutions, built from a solid understanding based on close communications will suffice.

We advise you on how your wealth should be managed, what your investment portfolio should look like short-term and long-term, and what distributions should be made to family members at different stages.  

We understand how complicated things could be for you and specialty in any one professional would be far from sufficient.  In addition to our in-house professionals, we also work closely with other professionals including lawyers, corporate and individual investors, real estate developers and consultants, bankers, etc. in order to provide you with the most comprehensive services.

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